Contact Info

A digital business card to share your contact info.

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Via email

Hand over your iPhone to your new contact and let him enter in his email address. Then you can quickly send him an email with all your contact info. Your email address will be added as CC automatically.


QR Codes

Different QR codes are generated for the contact information you fill in, and you can easily browse through them. Show the QR code to your new contact!



What's the most convenient and fancy way of showing a QR code? With your Apple Watch of course.


Address book

There is also a QR code scanner available in the app. When scanning a vCard QR code it is possible to add the new contact info to your address book automatically.



When you send an email to your new contact a vCard file is added as attachment. This is a standardised format to share contact info, so most contact applications are compatible with this file. The app will also generate a vCard QR code for you.


Add info

Just enter your info you want to share and you're good to go.